Students at Work

Throughout the semester, students are keeping track of their evolving understandings of categories like “democracy” and “development” in Tanzania on their own blogs.  There, you should be able to access their reading responses for assigned texts that we read together as a class, their fieldnotes from our travel in Tanzania, and their emerging research project.  Ideally, these different components of their blogs will ultimately speak to each other and to their final research project, connecting their diverse experiences throughout the semester with academic texts and lectures, political interviews, popular culture, and personal encounters in the field.

These research projects represent a wide range of interests, from infrastructural engineering and the politics of water privatization, to maternal and child health, to international education and language politics, to gender and leadership.  To see what they are doing, check out the links below (with several extremely clever blog names, and some currently more complete than others) and “follow” them on WordPress.

Tori Veltri:

Marvi Chaudry:

Ryan Kleven:

Angela Watson:

You can also follow Prof. Hart at, where she will be thinking about the similarities and differences in urban culture and transport practice in Accra and Dar es Salaam.


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